Cloud Backup &
Disaster Recovery

Is Your Business’ Most Valuable Data Protected From Disaster?

Implementing cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) into your disaster recovery plan can be your saving grace when the unexpected happens.

Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t always have a heads up beforehand either. It’s crucial to your business’s long-lasting success to develop a disaster recovery plan before it’s too late. 

Backing up your data in the cloud keeps it safe from online scams, floods and fires, and even a thief who plans to devastate your place of business.

Could A Disaster Mean The End Of Your Business?

Unfortunately for unprepared small businesses, a disaster could take years to remedy… not everyone has the resources to see It through. According to Forbes, “Every minute, $2,900,000 is lost to cybercrime.”

Protect the business you have built by ensuring the right security measures are in place and are being utilized fully. 

If you’re not updating your security programs regularly, then you don’t have the tools to defend against the new Cyber Threats that emerge daily.

Expecting The Unexpected Keeps Your Business Afloat

Don’t get caught in the “that could never happen here” mindset.

Business Disrupting
Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately, the dark web is full of people who make a living devastating other’s hard-earned businesses. Optimize your security to its fullest potential to keep intentional cyber attacks at bay.

A secured cloud-based backup system is added security against unforeseen risks.

Natural Disasters Don’t Play Favorites

Imagine what fire or flood could do to your business. If you’re using in-house servers, the damage could be irreversible. Storing your data on the cloud keeps it safe from the physical damage that your office or storefront can’t withstand. 

How quickly can your systems be returned to operational status?

Deadbolts Won’t Keep Your Data Safe

You can have the latest cameras and strongest locks and still not be safe from the dangers of the online world. To protect your business and finances, you must implement the right security measures.

Utilizing cloud backup protects your livelihood from sneak attacks that are set on wiping you out.

Utilizing Your Defense Goes Beyond Downloading The Right Software

Out of the thousands of software programs available, figuring out the right one can be a lengthy and costly process. But even then, much more goes into protecting your assets. 

Get an expert to not only help you decide on the right solutions but also make sure it is running properly. 

For long-lasting protection, your IT professional will also make sure the software is set to update regularly.

When Disaster Strikes, How Long Will It Take Your Business To Recover?

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time trying to DIY your data backups and security. Waterdog Computer Works is ready and able to bring the right IT solutions to your business. 

Give yourself the time to focus on your business. 

Let the IT professionals set you up with long-lasting solutions that can weather any storm.