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Get Double The Work Out Of Your Employees While Slashing Overhead Costs, Padding Your Bottom Line And Securing Incredible Loyalty From Your Staff

Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not…

There is a fast-growing trend among small and medium businesses that is drastically increasing productivity, cutting costs, and driving more profit to the bottom line. Is it a new management style or marketing trend?

No – it’s telecommuting, which is a $5 word for allowing your staff to work from home or while on the road.

Sure it doesn’t sound very sexy when you first hear it, but when you see the bottom line impact it has on profits and productivity and talk to business owners who rave about how much money it’s saving them, you’ll start to see what all the excitement is about.

What Is Telecommuting And How Is It
Going To Help My Business?

Telecommuting is a fancy word for allowing employees to work from home, in remote offices, or while on the road. While this is not a new concept, recent advancements in remote access technology and security have made it very affordable and easy for even micro business owners.

The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Setting Up A
‘Work From Home’ Or Remote Network Access System For Your Staff

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized business that is thinking about implementing a “work from home” program for your employees – or if you want to install a virtual network to enable you and certain key employees and managers to work on the road or from a remote office – DON’T – until you read this eye-opening guide.

Our free report will explain in plain, non-technical terms best practices for setting up remote access for you and your staff, as well important questions you should ask any computer consultant to avoid making the most commonly made, costly mistakes made when setting up the technology for a work from home program.

Critical Facts And Insider Secrets Every Business Owner Must Know Before Installing A ‘Virtual Network’ To Allow Employees To Work From Home, On The Road, Or From A Remote Office

In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • What “telecommuting” is and why so many small and medium sized businesses are rapidly implementing work from home programs.
  • The single most important thing you MUST have in place before starting any work from home or remote office initiative.
  • How one company saved $11 million after implementing a work from home program – and how you implement the same money-saving strategies for your small business.
  • How to get a FREE “Home Office Action Pack” ($97 Value).

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Outsourcing IT Does Work, Waterdog Is Our IT Department, We Have Never Looked Back!

As a company grows, it’s always a dilemma whether to outsource a non-wheelhouse task or keep it in-house.We ran numbers, created a position and made a hire. We were wrong. No single person can have the depth of experience, breath of knowledge and responsiveness to a company with a diverse employee base as does Waterdog.

With employees working on and off site in multiple locations, IT is critical to us and it affects everyone if a single person is not connected. Waterdog recognizes this and makes every effort to ensure problems are addressed quickly, patiently and thoroughly no matter how small.

In-house IT support seemed to be the logical, cost-effective solution until an enterprise issue cropped up and we became buried. We switched to Waterdog and never looked back. They are responsive, extremely cost effective, and flexible. Knowledge is everything and Waterdog has that knowledge.

John Kieffer

Kieffer’s Appliances
Lansdale, Pa

Peace Of Mind, Problem Solvers, Responsive Professional, Friendly, Efficient Great Value For The Price

If you are looking for an IT company that knows how to solve IT problems, are quick to respond and employ very knowledgeable technicians, Waterdog Computer Works is the firm to use.

As a bonus they demystify complicated technology issues and put them into plain English which gives us a peace of mindthat our IT problems will be fixed. The staff at Waterdog are very professional, the technicians are efficient in solving our problems and everyone there is very friendly, which is hard to find these days. We aren’t just another client they go above and beyond when we call for help.

As a Financial Services professional, I am required to have a business information security audit each year. Fortunately, Waterdog’s cybersecurity expertise gave them the ability to perform the audit for me and provide the necessary products to keep my business compliant and secure.

Brendan McGowan

Co-founder & Partner
McGowan & Co., LLP
Bryn Mawr, PA