Business VoIP Solutions

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Voice Over IP System?

Optimize your VoIP system to experience the full benefits of every feature.

Does Your Phone System Follow Your Employees?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are perfect for businesses. Most companies are already equipped with cloud-based operations and a stable internet connection that VoIP requires. Using VoIP technology offers all of the benefits of a traditional phone system, but with improved features and less wiring required.

A valuable VoIP setup offers:

When you use Waterdog Computer Works to help set up your business for success using the latest VoIP technology, you get a phone system that’s easy to use and simple to manage

Maintaining communication between yourself and customers, vendors, and potential clients is crucial. That’s why you invest in a VoIP system that works for you and your team… Without constant issues and interruptions.

Our Process To Providing You With A Dependable VoIP System

1. Match

Following careful analysis of your company goals, we’ll help match you with the VoIP program that works best for your business, including access to trial.

2. Set Up

We design and work around your existing numbers to incorporate into your new VoIP system with ease.

3. Go Live

We’ll be right there when your VoIP system is ready for a trial run. This way, we can solve any issues as they arise before going live.

UCaaS (Unified Communication-as-a-Service)

Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is an emerging concept that keeps business’ communication and network working efficiently. As remote working employees has increased exponentially, the need for more productive remote access and network security for the firm and its employees has grown as well. 

That’s where UCaaS helps your VoIP systems.

A properly designed UCaaS can help build a system that supports the company’s remote access and infrastructure, while keeping everyone working to their highest potential. Let Waterdog Computer Works help set up a UCaaS system to keep your company growing and profitable.

Call Management Made Better

Improve communication and prevent current and potential clients from ending up in voicemail. Message notifications and alerts, recorded call logs, intercom capabilities, effortless voicemail playback, call forwarding, recording, and much more keeps you and your business connected and responsive.

Make Yourself Available Any Time

Set calls to send to all devices whether you are in the office or on the move.

Automatic Call Recording

Enable automatic call recordings for both inbound and outbound calls, whether for liability or training purposes.

Call Forwarding Features

Use call forwarding to send calls where you want them to go while you’re out of the office.

Receive Important Notifications

Arrange voice and fax alerts to be sent to your email so you never miss a notification.

Manage Calls Through The Cloud

Pick up calls parked in the cloud from any business device.

Easy Call Screening

Accept the calls you want and quickly send others to voicemail.

VoIP Setup Made Simple

Toss out the dated landline and bring your business up to date with a VoIP phone system that can keep up with you. Our team at Waterdog Computer Works technicians are well-versed in VoIP systems and will work with you to get your office up to speed so you never miss an important call again.