Waterdog Computer Works SMB Guide to Cybsecurity

With massive data breaches making headlines on a regular basis, it’s hard to ignore the fact that data security is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, there are still far too many SMBs that don’t understand just how serious the threat is—and that can be dangerous.


Growing Threat to  SMBs


Recent research demonstrates that the growing cybersecurity threat isn’t a trend that only affects big, national companies. It’s just as serious—if not more serious—for small businesses to be prepared because data breaches and cyber-attacks are very real possibilities for them. According to Ponemon Institue’s 2017 State of Cybersecurity, cyber-attacks affected 61 percent of  SMBs in the past 12 months,1, and the number of data breaches reported each year continues to climb. If that’s not alarming enough, these companies on average lost more than 9,350 individual records as the result of a  breach.

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