Auvik Features Benefits Overview Network Management Monitoring powered by Auvik

A deep understanding of your network

In minutes, Auvik gives us:

  • A complete and accurate map of your network, including gear that’s been hidden away or forgotten and all sorts of rogue devices (IoT, IP cameras, unmanaged switches, etc.). No device left behind!
  • A complete profile for every device, including make, model, serial number, firmware version, and other key data.
  • Details on how everything on your network is connected and configured across all of your locations.
  • A list of all the IP addresses you’re currently using and which devices are using them.

All of this data and visualization is maintained in real-time so if we ever need to troubleshoot, we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

Vigilant monitoring of your network

As soon as it powers on, Auvik:

  • Implements 24/7 monitoring and alerting tuned to network best practices.
  • Tracks usage and health statistics on your network, which we can see in real-time.
  • Starts building and storing historical performance data, which we can use for analysis, troubleshooting, and forecasting.

With the data we get from Auvik, we’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your IT environment.

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