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Protect your digital data from security threats with our remote monitoring and management.

Do Your Servers And Devices Need Remote
Monitoring & Management?

Optimize your cloud-based solutions and ensure your data is protected.

Embrace The Future of Technology

If you’re using in-house servers, you may as well be using dial-up internet. Unless you have no intentions to grow or sustain your business, it’s important to keep up with technological advancements. 

The first step in embracing the future is to incorporate monitored and managed cloud IT services. This keeps your data accessible, protected, and scalable to grow with your business.

Give Your Business A Leg Up On The Competition By Increasing Security & Embracing Growth Potential

Identify Security Threats

To efficiently protect your business, finances, and livelihood, it is best practice to identify security threats before it’s too late. 

Even a simple email check in a coffee shop could put an unsecured network in harm’s way. Devices regularly monitored through the cloud can identify problems before they actually happen.

Keep Your Company Running Smoothly With Proactive Measures

Rather than searching for security threats with intentions to disarm them as they arise, proactive maintenance allows IT technicians to identify issues before they turn into actual problems. 

Waterdog Computer Works handles high-grade proactive security measures while you focus on your business.

Stay Ahead By Constantly Running Diagnostics

Unless you’re an IT professional, you are likely unaware of the necessary diagnostic checks that keep successful businesses running. 

Waterdog Computer Works not only looks for current threats, but also identifies when, where, and why a network’s security defenses and devices could fail.

Optimize Systems With Regularly Scheduled Updates

You could invest in the latest technology and still not see the benefits if your system is not updated. 

Regularly scheduled updates keep your security softwares aware of the latest threats while ensuring your device speed and performance are always at their best.

Minimize downtime and keep your business running efficiently with cloud-managed and monitored IT services from Waterdog Computer Works.

Connect With Accessible Help Desk Support

When it comes to your business’ IT, problems can occur from a number of issues. Whether human error or phishing or hacking attempts, you don’t have to handle it on your own. 

When partnered with Waterdog Computer Works to monitor your IT, clients can call and get the support you need anytime from anywhere.

Patching and Protection

Security patches and updates are an essential component of protecting your data, devices, and overall business. 

Without them, critical servers, workstations, and other network assets can be comprised by bad actors. 

Our team of experts monitor your network, server and devices to identify when new updates are needed and routinely installs them.

Save Time & Improve Security With Remote Monitoring & Management

Let us do what we do well, so you can focus on running your business! Running a successful business takes up a lot of time.

Give yourself and your company the IT service and support it needs to avoid downtime and increase productivity while keeping hackers at bay.

Contact Waterdog today to give your business the protection it deserves.