Human Behavior Is Your Biggest Security Risk—Now in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Human Behavior Is Your Biggest Security Risk—Now in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Stay-at-home restrictions spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in America’s largest at-home workforce in history. And even as some states begin to reopen their economies, many companies are choosing to allow non-essential workers to continue doing their jobs from home. While these moves help companies adapt and reduce the spread of the virus, they open workers to a new risk—cybercrime.

Framing the ChallengeLaptop that has a virus on their computer

With millions of American employees working from home—on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones—the risk for cybersecurity breaches increases. Types of cybercrime that have shown an increase during recent months include phishing scams, identity theft, malware, ransomware, and compromise of sensitive data.

While the fallout from COVID-related security breaches will still take time to quantify, the effects are far-reaching, and the volume of anecdotal reports suggests that beefing up cybersecurity now (for both yourself and your workers) is essential.

What You Can Do?

Fortunately, there are several tools and technologies that can help protect you, your business, and your data from unwanted access.

  • Penetration testing is an excellent way to gauge the strength of your network’s cybercrime protections. During this process, a tech is able to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend ways to address them—often with software patches or upgrades.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use an independent server as a buffer between you and whatever WiFi you’re using. It then encrypts your data and sends it via a dedicated pathway through this network, making it difficult for hackers to access, corrupt, or intercept the data. VPNs can be installed on any device with WiFi capability and are regarded among the most robust protections you can use to safeguard yourself from cybercrime. 
  • Maintaining current cybersecurity software is another way to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals. Today’s cyberthieves are smart, and getting smarter. So even if you haven’t experienced an attack, this is no time to relax. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new entry points, so maintaining your cybersecurity software to current industry standards is essential.
  • Educate your workers on the importance of cybersecurity. By ensuring that your workers use safe practices now, you can save a world of hassles (and money) later on. Best practices include:
    – Use robust passwords and two-factor authentication
    – Avoid interacting with potentially problematic sources (links, emails, or URLs)
    – Refrain from opening unwanted or suspicious attachments
    – Don’t share personal or sensitive information without assurance of security
  • Partner with a seasoned cybersecurity expert. If you have questions about the security of your network, or which products or services best meet your security needs, consult with a seasoned pro. An experienced cybersecurity expert can help you…
    – Identify risks before they become problems
    – Spot vulnerabilities in your network or hardware
    – Make more informed purchasing decisions when choosing security products   

At Waterdog Computer Works, we understand how valuable your sensitive data are to you—and how quickly cybercrime can send your home and professional life into a tailspin. That’s why we offer only top cybersecurity protections for all your devices. Don’t put your sensitive data at risk. Contact us today!

Located in Wayne, Pa, Waterdog Computer Works is a complete IT solutions and cybersecurity provider serving businesses throughout Main Line Philadelphia. Focused and responsive, Waterdog Computer Works offers a two-hour emergency response time guarantee, no-risk contracts and a team of technicians with over 75 years of combined experience. Call us at 484.580.8568 to speak to a member of our team.




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