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How Remote Network Monitoring For IT Support Saves You Time And Money

The technology we use today is rapidly changing.

New tools for improving our lives and businesses, but also new problems, come from tech advancements each year.   

So for growth-minded businesses, learning how to adapt to new technological challenges is crucial. And there are a lot of developments to keep up with!  

When it comes to information technology, a business needs to update their support to ensure that their networks, hardware, and sensitive information are safe from new security threats. 

This is especially true if your business is still using in-house servers to monitor the health of your network systems.

Oftentimes, it’s small businesses that are most at risk of security breaches, website crashes, or insidious malware. Hackers can steal sensitive information through emails. Locally stored business data and files are vulnerable for cyber attacks. And businesses can experience significant losses in their revenue and reputation if they do not properly protect their systems. 

But now, businesses can find remote network monitoring and management services from expert IT professionals to keep tabs on their networks in a proactive manner. 

Transitioning to a remote monitoring IT system can save you time and money in a variety of ways. Since remote monitoring focuses on problem prevention instead of resolution.  

If you’re looking for remote monitoring and management IT solutions for your business, Waterdog Computer Works can help. We offer full-service custom technology services to help you focus on building your business. Reach out to us to see how we can help protect your business. 

What is Remote Network Monitoring & Management?

So what is remote network monitoring and management? How does it differ from traditional in-house IT solutions? 

Remote monitoring management is a kind of IT support service that screens a network from a different physical location. This type of IT support works to proactively identify when, where, and why a network might be vulnerable to cyber attacks and whether hardware devices might fail.  

Essentially, remote monitoring management constantly checks in on your business’s networks. At even the slightest indication of issue, it responds.  

Difference Between Remote Monitoring & Older IT Support


The big difference between remote monitoring and older IT support is that everything is done remotely through cloud-based services. By monitoring remotely, it allows IT technicians to recognize any potential security threat or network issue before they become problems that affect your business.  

This means that even if you were to experience a network issue, you probably won’t even realize there was an issue to begin with. That’s because remote monitoring was able to resolve the issue before it became a far more serious complication. 

Older models of IT support and technology often respond to network issues reactively. Once an issue became too big to ignore (i.e. a business website going offline), IT would respond. 

Although good IT professionals have been able to resolve network issues for decades now, a reactive approach leaves businesses prone to lost time and money. 

A proactive approach catches issues before they affect your business operations – saving you downtime and the lost revenue associated with it. 

Are you satisfied with your current IT service? Or does your business need quality solutions that can fit your specific needs? Waterdog Computer Works offers businesses performance, protection, and peace of mind through our full-service IT solutions like remote monitoring. Contact us today to explore your options.

How Your Business Will Save Time and Money

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of having your business website down? 

If your website was down for a few days, you could: 

  • Experience a loss of earnings
  • Lose trust from customers
  • Harm your search engine rankings

All from just one incident.

The Impacts of Downtime

When United Airlines’ website crashed in 2017, domestic flights were grounded unexpectedly until the issue was fixed. Understandably, passengers became very frustrated with the airline. Since United damaged their reputation with their customer base, some travelers opted for a competitor to fly them to their next destination. In addition, these customers most likely talked about their bad experience with friends, family, and acquaintances. 

One technical error actually harmed United more than what could be measured. 

When Amazon’s website went down in June, the eCommerce retailer was reportedly losing $9,615 in sales per second. And that number comes from their average daily revenue at the time. Some customers may not have checked back with the retailer for a few days if they thought the issue was more serious. Others may have chosen to browse another retailer like Etsy or Ebay. 

While these are big examples of what can happen when a company’s website goes down, businesses only stand to lose when they experience technical issues. 

Because time and money are linked to business operations, the longer an issue remains, the more revenue will be lost. Remote monitoring and management solutions, however, are always taking note of your business’s network. And since there are a number of reasons your website could crash, having a remote IT support solution to identify these issues early on will help your business. 

Take Proactive Measures With Waterdog Computer Works


Finding modern IT solutions for your business is more important than ever. If your IT support falls behind, you face the risk of lost time and revenue. Most importantly, however, you can lose the trust of your customers. 

Fortunately, you can find professional IT solutions that meet your unique technology challenges. 

Since 2002, Waterdog Computer Works has been providing quality IT services. With custom solutions for our customers’ unique technology needs, we focus on helping your business no matter its size. Our customer-first approach focuses on creating an IT support system that matches your scale, industry, and helps you build your business by saving you time on technical challenges. Connect with us to learn how we can guide you to the best IT solutions today.