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Backup and Data Recovery

Backup and Data Recovery for Philadelphia
Metro Businesses

Sudden data loss can cripple your business, resulting in lost revenue, service interruptions, and damage to your company’s reputation. And because data resides in a variety of places — including servers, laptops, and mobile devices — it’s essential to have a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan in place.

At Waterdog Computer Works, we understand how important it is to safeguard your company’s most sensitive information, wherever it lives — including hard disk drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, RAID servers, smart phones and non-volatile memory chips. That’s why we offer a complete array of backup and recovery services to fit your needs — and your budget.

Planning & Preparedness

Critical data can be lost at any time and for a variety of reasons — from natural disasters like fire and flood to server failure, human error, or cybercrime. With so many potential threats to your business, you need a loss prevention and data recovery plan that helps you prepare for any contingency.

At Waterdog Computer Works, we work with you to craft a practical disaster plan that emphasizes restoration of both your vital data and your ability to serve your customers.

Let us help you…

  • Prioritize your most vital data
  • Set goals for minimizing data retrieval times
  • Encrypt data for security in transit to offsite or cloud storage
  • Prepare backup files (including documents, software, apps, emails, and images) for offsite storage
  • Explore public, private, or hybrid cloud storage options
  • Migrate your sensitive data to the cloud securely

Disaster Recovery

Catastrophic data loss can strike any business and the results can be devastating. Don’t let adversity take you by surprise. Waterdog Computer Works can help you back-up and recover all your digital assets — including files, emails, and images — in the event of a catastrophic loss.

We offer both offsite and cloud-based backup data storage options that help you…

  • Restore your mission critical services as quickly as possible
  • Get essential personnel back online
  • Minimize server downtime and network interruptions
  • Monitor all restored systems to ensure peak performance


A catastrophic system failure can cripple your business and cost you money. To ensure prompt recovery of data, apps, and more, disaster recovery as a service (or DRaaS) allows restoration of lost data by “failing over” to cloud storage. From there, your computing infrastructure can be rebuilt in the virtual environment and restored to your machine.

  • DRaaS costs far less than that of rebuilding your physical IT environment
  • DRaaS minimizes downtime so you can focus on running your business
  • DRaas provides a testing environment, allowing you to test your disaster response to different failure scenarios

Bare-Metal Restoration

As the name suggests, bare-metal restoration is basically a full reconstruction of your system without the aid of your computer’s software or operating system

  • Bare-metal restore allows both applications and your computer’s operating system to be backed up or restored as a unit
  • Bare-metal restore stores backup data on remote hardware (not on the computer being backed up) to ensure that a clean rendition of your data, apps, and operating system can be accessed and rebooted again if needed

Cloud Backup

An increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions for data recovery. Whether your business relies on public, private, or hybrid cloud backup to secure your most sensitive data, we can help.

Cloud-based backup and recovery offers small and medium-sized businesses the advantages of speed, flexibility, and reduced-cost data recovery. We can help move your company’s sensitive information (whether it’s a lot or a little) to the cloud, where it can be recovered quickly in the event of an emergency.

Waterdog Computer Works offers:

  • End-to-end management of data backup solutions
  • Continuous data protection
  • Off-site virtualization
  • Business continuity planning

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