An IT Helpdesk Can Save Your SMB Money

An IT helpdesk is a great way to offset time normally used for regular business needs. For example, how many times have your employees locked themselves out of their accounts? What about the number of times your IT team ran to the rescue of what ended up being a simple error? Even when employees ask for something relatively small-scale like recovering deleted files, that means time is being taken away from your IT team. During this time, they could be handling more critical tasks.

According to Security Intelligence, nearly 57% of full-time employees reported submitting helpdesk tickets to reset their passwords in the past 90 days. Let’s say you have 20 employees. If 57% of those employees have password issues, they will probably ask your IT team for help. And even if each issue takes only 20 minutes to solve, that’s nearly a half-day wasted over 3 months – not including downtime.

So, what do you say? Here are 6 ways an IT helpdesk saves your small to midsize business (SMB) money.

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How An IT Helpdesk Helps Your Bottom Line


Your IT department is full of amazingly hard-working people who like what they do. However, if you’re having trouble retaining your IT employees, it’s time to see if your SMB can benefit from having a helpdesk. This doesn’t mean replacing your IT team but supporting them instead. The more time they spend solving minute problems means less time working on the projects that matter most.

1. Your IT Team Has Time To Prioritize Other Projects

If you’re on a tight schedule with deadlines in place, your IT team likely has little wiggle room in their workday. In fact, the average time spent on each ticket comes to 57 minutes. And they resolve fewer than half of all tickets on the same day.

Look back on the information gathered from Security Intelligence. Again, say you have 20 employees, and 57% of them need help with an IT issue clocked at an average of 57 minutes per ticket. That equals nearly 12 hours spent resolving IT problems in a 90-day period. Having an IT helpdesk on hand gives your team this time back to apply to their regular responsibilities.

2. Extra Support Means Fewer Frustrations

If you have an in-house IT department, it’s important to provide support if the team is struggling to stay on schedule and/or within budget. More IT workers are considering quitting their jobs in the next year more than ever before due to:

  • Limited career progression
  • A lack of flexibility in working hours
  • A toxic work environment

By having a helpdesk ready to take on menial tasks, you’re offering support to your IT team, saving you time and money in the long run. Because when you have a helpdesk, you can worry less about taking on the financial burden of turnover, replacements, and training.



3. Find IT Solutions Within Your Budget

Having a helpdesk doesn’t have to blow your budget. Waterdog Computer Works offers IT solutions for SMBs who don’t need all of the services IT support companies may provide. This means you can keep your in-house IT department or simply have helpdesk services available to those who need them. 

4. Diminish Downtime Company-Wide

Downtime because of tech issues adds up over time. While it depends on what department you’re in and what your role entails, downtime is still money that’s taken away from your overall Return On Investment (ROI). According to a recent study, IT downtime costs about $5,600 per minute or $300,000 per hour. 

A helpdesk that’s available 24 hours a day can take on similar duties of your IT team and reduce downtime. This is especially true if your IT department is consistently pulled in different directions. Also, there’s no need to wait for an IT employee to return from their time off to solve an issue. A reliable helpdesk will be there to take the call every single time.

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5. Be Proactive & Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

Have a helpdesk readily available and avoid excess time spent on solving preventable problems. If your IT team has enough on their to-do list, they may ignore minor issues because they don’t have the time. The problem with this method is that small issues can build up and present much larger problems down the line. This makes a helpdesk a proactive service you can provide to save your company time and money. Furthermore, it allows you to strengthen your disaster recovery plan just in case it’s ever needed.

6. Build A Strong & Dedicated IT Team

The truth is employees who feel supported tend to be more committed to your success. You can spend countless hours and funds hiring, letting go, processing resignations, etc. Or you can use a can-do attitude to offer support to your IT team, increasing the chances of employee productivity and retention.

Experienced helpdesk technicians take the stress out of resolving smaller issues, which means your IT department can focus on the work they enjoy. Additionally, they’re more likely to stay and place more effort on strengthening their own processes and tactics from the inside out.

As your business grows, your IT department will be able to handle whatever comes their way. You, your clients, and the rest of your staff benefit from the extra help, and it won’t be long before other SMBs envy your accomplishments.



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