5 Recent Advances In Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence was once something we saw in movies and dreams. However, technology is here and changing the landscape of several industries.

Self-driving cars, intuitive household gadgets, advances in medicine, and more rely on artificial intelligence technologies. Since the onset of the pandemic, many tech companies have gotten on board. They have explored how they can keep people safe while also helping us ease into the new normal. 

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Is Elevating Efficiency & Security

Vacuums clean on their own to mitigate allergen. And scientists have an efficient hand in developing vaccines. Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way from the science fiction of the past.

1. Medical & Vaccine Developments

Nowadays, staying healthy has a different meaning than it once did. A compromised immune system means a lengthy and scary recovery time. Most people want to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19. And more importantly, most people want to stay out of the hospital if possible.

An MIT team has been exploring the power of AI. Using a new computer model, they screened over a hundred million chemical compounds in a matter of days. With the help of this computer’s AI, they discovered a new antibiotic compound. This compound has proven successful against resistant bacteria worldwide. Without AI, this feat could have possibly taken years to accomplish. 

When the pandemic hit the news, scientists were already exploring vaccine options to fight COVID-19. For reference, the polio vaccine was first developed in the 1930s. However, it wasn’t proven effective until 1953. But by March of 2020, human tests were ongoing, just three months after the first news of a virus was even reported.

The fast-paced vaccine rollout was partially due to AI models. These specialized AI models learned to sift through the tens of thousands of the virus’s subcomponents. This allowed researchers to analyze their abundant data much faster than in the past. 

With the help of AI, scientists were able to target proven immune-producing responses in their data. Furthermore, we can expect AI to have a consistent role in combating viruses and creating vaccines.

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2. Fully Automated Driving

Did you see the commercials for cars that can parallel park themselves? At first, it left many people scratching their heads, wondering how it was possible. Many people assumed it was a joke celebrating a Back To The Future anniversary. 

Now, many car manufacturers are creating vehicles with AI technology that can do more than just park. Autonomous driving is paving the way for private and commercial vehicles alike to have a more hands-off approach.

Drivers (or should we say riders in the driver’s seat?) can sit back and act as quality control while their car gets them from place to place. Moreover, self-driving cars are changing the way commercial vehicle fleets operate. The auto industry’s leading companies are testing autonomous vehicles. Some robotaxi services are even open to the public in certain cities. 

For ride-share, food delivery, shipping, and more, AI is changing the needs of major companies. Many companies are experimenting with driverless cars to perform tasks to keep their competitive edge. For instance, University of Houston students and staff welcomed robotic food delivery in 2019. Through an app, customers place a meal order and drop their location pin. The robot navigates campus on its own through its AI technology. Once it arrives, the customer uses their app to unlock the robot to retrieve their order.

While food delivery and robotaxis are making moves, the power of AI isn’t slowing down. It will continue to be awe-inspiring to watch the power of fully automated driving unfold in the future. 


3. Shopping Assistants & Retail

Have you noticed targeted ads popping up that offer solutions to problems you face? It’s weird but also pretty incredible. Irrelevant ads to products you would never need don’t clog your feed. Instead, useful products appear with links so you can buy them quickly.

Facebook has been utilizing AI for years to get ads to the right audience. Now the Facebook AI team is using a computer vision model they developed called GrokNet. Its objective is to redefine shopping as an AI lifestyle assistant. The model learns different users’ shopping tastes and preferences. 

When it comes to shopping habits, you’ve probably seen an influx of products to choose between. It can easily become overwhelming. That’s why Facebook’s model analyzes products you already own. Then it uses state-of-the-art image recognition to recommend products based on your specific taste. 

Moreover, you no longer need to guess how a certain product will look in your home. Instead, you can now visualize products in your space using virtual replicas. This has changed the landscape for shopping for everything from clothes to furniture.

So AI doesn’t just help get sponsors’ ads in front of their target audience. It simplifies the entire online shopping process. 

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4. Banking Services

AI is streamlining the way many industries function and communicate with their client base. Banking institutions are no exception.

In fact, banks are on the leading edge of using AI to enhance customer experiences. The days of waiting on hold are on the way to being behind us.

Through AI technology, banking customers can more easily identify themselves. This leads to more secure access to banking information. And the AI’s ability to mimic live employees within chatbots and voice assistants provides a higher level of customer service. The bots are even able to provide personalized insights and recommendations. This enhances customer relationships and loyalty.

Furthermore, while AI is lessening the need for workers in certain areas, it also increases security tenfold. There is far less room for human error and theft by cutting humans out of certain risk assessment functions. AI increases anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, assesses risks, and prevents payment fraud. AI models can also perform know-your-customer (KYC) regulatory checks. With these checks, AI can help maintain customer security and satisfaction. 

Overall, the banking industry sees, detects, and prevents theft and fraud while reducing the risk of human error.

5. Evolving Cybersecurity

Hackers are out in full force. And no one is immune from becoming a target. In fact, 40% of small businesses experience 8+ hours of downtime due to data breaches. When you consider that downtime accounts for $1.56 million in losses, you may want to increase your network security.

Cybersecurity is changing with the help of AI. The new technology allows AI models to stay up to speed with the latest cybercriminal activity. In doing so, models can automate threat detection and respond efficiently. 

We still recommend updating your defensive software regularly. Regardless of AI, regular updates will keep your defensive software ready for cyberattacks. However, AI takes cybersecurity to a whole new level. 

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